Beth Syverson

Adoptive parent, Certified Adoption Coach, Podcaster, and Adoptee Advocate

Beth Syverson

is an adoptive mom, wife, musician, and as of 2021 a podcaster, activist, and public speaker.

Since 2019, her son Joey has struggled with addiction to substances, plus serious mental health issues. For the first year of that roller coaster ride, she and Joey were both derailed. Beth tried to “fix” Joey, and her Supermom cape was tied on tight. But when nothing worked to “fix” him, she sought help for herself, which improved her own life and also her relationship to her wife, Jan, and to Joey.

She and Joey created Safe Home Podcast in August 2021, with the purpose of helping other families avoid some of the pain we’ve experienced.

We are trying to transform our pain into practical guidance for other families with struggling teens.

Beth adopted Joey from Japan when he was 7-1/2 months old.  She now realizes that his relinquishment trauma is one of the core issues that causes him to seek substances. Beth is a leader for other adoptive parents who are coming “out of the fog” and realizing that the adoption that created their family also created trauma for their child.

In September 2022, she created a free support group for adoptive parents called APtitude, and in August 2023, she became a certified coach through the Virginia Satir Global Network so she can help more adoptive parents and others who are struggling.

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