Unraveling Adoption presents:

Healing the Adoption Constellation Database

We’ve created this database as a service to the entire adoption community. In the chart below you will find all types of practitioners – coaches, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, art therapists, and much more.

Each person on this list has experience working with people in the adoption constellation, and most are members of the adoption constellation themselves.  (i.e., adoptees, birth/first parents, or adoptive/foster parents)

Please do your due diligence when selecting any sort of care provider. Inclusion in this database does not imply endorsement, qualifications, or credibility of any listed person or organization.

  • The Filtering feature isn’t available on your phone. Use your computer to fully access all the features of this database.
  • Use the Filter button on the top left to find the type of care provider you’re seeking (i.e., Adoptee practitioners, uses EMDR, works with young children, works with adoptive parents, etc.)
  • Scroll right for many more columns of information
  • Click the View larger version button on the bottom right to expand this chart into its own tab

If you’re a practitioner and you’d like to be included in this database, just fill out this form: https://forms.gle/Vbp447XvsbPxyjam6